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If you're a company or a brand that's lost its 'umph'—we can tell you why hands-down: When a brand isn't making the splash it should be, it's most always because its 'positioning statement' (or, 'brand story') is ill-defined or has become diluted over time. We'll walk your team through a series of discovery exercises to help better define and differentiate your brand — just as nature had intended. From this, we'll create the foundational document you'll use as the blueprint to all of your advertising and marketing communications going forward. Put it this way—if you don't define your brand (in a powerful, meaningful, relevant way) someone else will, and that spells curtains.


Everyone can participate in this all-hands-on-deck afternoon of intensive exploration and discovery. This is a creative session where there are no wrong answers. You'll learn all about the science of decision-making, what makes a brand tick and another bomb, and what it takes to create the foundation critical to its growth. No prep required, just a willingness to scribble and interrupt. 


From this exercise we'll be able to hone in and define the essence of your brand (even a company is a brand), distinguish it from the competition, and create the powerful language that resonates with your target audience. 


Learning how to use your positioning statement, or 'strategically' position your brand consistently in the marketplace is the must do next step in order to build the affinity, trust and allegiance your brand (or company) needs to continue to grow over time. 

Looking to break into advertising? Wanna know if you've got what it takes? Everything you know about working in an advertising agency will be redefined in our Agency Bootcamp. We'll access your skills, teach you what it take to break into advertising, walk you through the interview process, and even continue to work with you behind the scenes once you're hired. 


You'll learn all that goes on in an advertising agency, including how to handle clients (which are always difficult), saboteurs (which are always lurking), and most importantly you'll learn everything you need to know about the wonderful world of advertising, including how to position and distinguish a brand in the marketplace, how to build affinity, trust and allegiance, and all about the science of decision-making. 


Whether you're an aspiring copywriter, designer or account person — you'll get your skills up to snuff and learn what an agency will expect from you.


You'll learn how to build an online portfolio of your work, and post it throughout the right channels so it's accessible to agencies. 


You'll write a winning resume and cover letter, learn how to nail the interview, and get three months of on-the-job training after you're hired.


IDEATION SESSION: for agencies

Fee: $7,500-$15,000

Our Ideation Sessions include a 4-5 hour intensive training session for brands and their people. Included: creative materials and snacks. Though there is no preparation required, eEach person will be expected to participate in each exercise.  

BOOTCAMP: for creatives

Fee: $4,500

Agency Bootcamp is a 3-month program that includes a 1-hour a week 1-on-1 remote training, requiring approximately 3 hours a week for independent preparation.Included: intensive training sessions, various reading assignments and homework assignments (portfolio, cover letter, resume) and assessments. You'll be expected to be prepared for each session in advance. 


Refunds are not provided. Ask about our payment plans.

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